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Tricker’s x END. Bourton Brogue ‘Autumnal Pack’

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Acronym A/W13 Collection

A lean and agile operation, Acronym place the focus firmly of functionality, applying their unique skill set to create some of the most impressively designed outerwear on offer today.

Designed by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher, Acronym’s take an unparralled technical approach, creating highly versatile, hyper-functional clothing that is tailored to meet the needs and bare with the stresses of modern life.

Inspired in part by Hugh’s lifelong passion for Karate, Acronym strive to create clothing that protects without impeding mobility and have sourced a variety of top tier technical fabrics for their Hard Shell and Soft Shell ranges, varying from Microgrid Backed Goretex Pro to Schoeller 3XDry Dryskin sourced from Switzerland.

With an uncompromising stance on utility, Acronym’s outerwear is packed with a series of genuinely innovative features, designed to provide a series of intelligent solutions.

Sleeves are kitted out with in-built gravity pockets, allowing quick access to mobile devices, the Detachable Acronym sound strip and strategically placed pocket stitching holds in place a wide variety of in ear headphones and a removable Jacket Sling system allowing the wearer to safely throw off the jacket at any time, held in place by the elasticated sling inside the jacket.

The J34-GTPL is even outfitted with a waterproof rear zip, allowing the wearer to seamlessly integrate a variety of luggage into the piece, allowing for unobstructed and instant access at any time.

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