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September 18, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 8 Brands

Introducing the A/W Collection from Bunker Mentality

Old Game, New Breed…”creating new traditions and future classics in golf apparel”.

Bunker Mentality is a British golf fashion brand designed without compromise for the golfer with an individual personality looking for a new level of taste and substance in golf apparel. Our love of golf means everything is designed to celebrate the great game and encourage more people to take part.

Devoted to Golf, Dedicated to Style

It’s exciting times at Bunker HQ as we have another new season launch upon us. This is a preview of some of the key pieces that we believe you will want to be wearing in Autumn/Winter 2013! All of our clothing and accessories are designed in the UK. As Bunker fans will know, colour is key to the range. Mix colour with warmth, technical fabrics and freedom of movement and you have the perfect combination for stylish, winter clothing for all parts of your lifestyle.

The winter collection is all about keeping you warm and keeping the weather out whilst still being lightweight and allowing for a good golf swing! The Jumpers and Zippers add the graphic energy into the collection and our shawl collar will get you many envious looks at the driving range or at the bar.

If you need your game to ‘hot up’ why not try our Puffer Caddy? We are proud to say we were the first golf brand to create these puffer vests…or as others who have now climbed on our band wagon call them ‘gilets’. It is stuffed with goose down and feathers to keep the heat in whilst being lightweight and sleeveless so gives you a perfect garment for autumn and winter golf.

Keeping the typical British weather in mind we have also added a new colour to our massively popular wind jacket. With technical fabrics with great stretch properties, this will make sure that you can ‘Hit It Hard’ in any weather.

So take a look! And we hope to see you all out there wearing the Bunker AW13 collection when the weather is not as cheerful as us!

Team Bunker
Bunker Mentality… wear it well.

See some of our Stylish Picks from the AW13 Bunker Mentality Collection


Bunker Shawl Neck


Dogtooth Cardigan

Puffa Caddy

Puffa Caddy


Wind Jacket

Hit it Hard Jacket

Club House Zippers

Eagle Jumper

Bunker Crew Neck

Eagle Golf Jacket

Club House Zipper

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