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Introducing The BraZen Cobra gaming chair!

This is a stylish rocker chair with a striking admiral red appearance and sound quality performance to match.The chair is compatible with almost any device with an audio out – this includes such devices as all major games consoles, MP3 players, smart phones, tvs and computers.If you are looking to enhance your gaming, movie watching or music listening experience then this is the chair for you.

BraZen Cobra Gaming Chair
Price: Ā£99.95

The BraZen Cobra Sound Chair is the must have gaming chair or chill-out chair and will deliver high quality surround sound for all your gaming, music and movie needs! Hear, feel, experience the action from the new state-of-art Cobra from BraZen.

This new sound rocker will have you pulled right into the action.

This high performance chair will deliver crystal-clear audio output through two integrated high quality speakers. Experience surround sound in a new way – every crash, bang, explosion and bass is pumped through the chair around your body and will leave you wanting to experience more. Multi-gaming!

Connect up to 8 additional BraZen gaming chairs. Fighting for space? The sound rocker can also be folded in half and put away for easy storage after use, so is ideal for any room.

The large BraZen Cobra is compatible with all gaming consoles, iPod, MP3 players and other audio devices. The chair is battery powered and wireless enabled should you want a truly wireless experience.

High-quality 8 Watt Surround Sound Speakers
Durable and breathable Microfiber Seat Works with all iPod’s, MP3 players, Playstation 3 and 4, X-Box One, X-Box 360, GameCube, PSP and Nintendo gaming machines.
Works with DVD, Computer (PC and Mac), TV and stereo systems. iPod/MP3/PSP Audio Input RCA Audio Inputs Headphone Jack Volume Control
Folds for Storage Colour: admiral red colour body with yellow and white BraZen Sound Chair logo
The unit connects through the audio out connection (or headset connection ) on your TV so is compatible with HDMI and Scart.
Size: 60cm X 80cm X 40cm
Weight 18.9Kg
Powered by 6 AA Batteries (not supplied)
Ages 8 upwards

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