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October 10, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 20 Fashion

Christopher Shannon Cartoon Jumpers

Christopher Shannon is the master of contrast.

This is more complex than it sounds. Anyone can put two clashing objects together to create a contrast – one rough one smooth, one red one green. Christopher’s skill is to create pleasing contrasts that bring two seemingly disparate elements together while making them feel like natural partners.

Such contrast has been a theme of his design work since day one and this series of cartoon jumpers from his current AW13 collection can be viewed as his magnum opus.


The chopped-up construction is obvious, with the face of SpongeBob divided and dissected by coloured panels. However, the closer you get the more contrasts you notice: there is the difference in knit pattern and gauge between each section; the difference lengths of each section on the back side; and the unexpected chest pocket on the red section.

It all shouldn’t work but somehow it does. That’s the beauty of a well-constructed contrast.

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