StylishChap are on the lookout for super talented, mad keen, enthusiastic writers with a keen interest in Men’s fashion, technology, grooming or home ware. We at StylishChap feel we have a very good idea which we have aspirations to become so much more.

We are small but rapidly growing so in terms of compensation apart from the MASSIVE kudos, our heartfelt thanks and accreditations we can offer very little else. However if you are a keen writer and have an interest in Men’s lifestyle trends and products and would like to get your word out there get in touch with us. Any article published will be given suitable credit.

Our eventual goal is to suitably compensate all our writers based on an advertisement funded article based revenue share scheme. The faster we grow the quicker we hope to achieve our objective.

If you have any questions or would be interested in contributing please get in touch with us on

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