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First date etiquette from who else but Sartorius

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

It’s a fair point to make and a very appropriate question to ask given that

Valentines Day is just around the corner. And with all you singlets chasing the women of your dreams for that hot dinner date and a bit of  ‘voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir’, I thought it would be jolly decent of me to dispel some top tips on that all important hot date look.

You see the ‘date look’ is an inspired look that states to your date (hot, lukewarm, tepid or otherwise) that you are the business, you mean business and she quite possibly will get the business…later…if she plays her cards right.

It shouldn’t be overdone, but then it shouldn’t be under done. You shouldn’t look like you have just left the office and that you could not be bothered to make the effort. But then you really shouldn’t look like you have just popped out of the salon having had a mani-pedi-threading done wearing your finest disco shirt and packing your over night kit.

It’s a fine balance to strike here. You need to come across with the confidence that, with an elegantly raised voice, states that you are good to go ’till the early hours and that you can walk in to any place; pub, club, late night cocktail bar, restaurant or gastro-bistro (what ever the posh pubs are calling themselves these days) and feel that you belong.

You definitely don’t want to look like a midlife crisis waiting to happen or that you are a life-long member of CAMRA with a love of free tee shirts.

Hang on surely women these days don’t voulez vous?

Yeah they do, just not with you, most likely because a) you look like a dork b) you talk like a dork and c) you quite possibly could be a dork. Now I can help you with a). Sadly with b) and c) you’re on your own.

Sorry not convinced. Proceed with your rhetoric any way. I shall reserve judgement.

Thanks, as I said. You need to look the business, not like a mid life crisis. You’ve made the effort but not too much of an effort. Your date is the centre of attention, not your or your GuyLiner.

So let’s build the look from the bottom up.


Shoes are the only appropriate footwear here.  No trainers, no casual weekend shoes, absolutely no Crocs. Don’t wear black shoes either, it look like you have stepped out of the office. Suede is a no–no also. Even though they are quite de rigueur; they are a summer casual shoe.

Do go for a coloured shoe with a good quality leather sole. You want to hear the crunch of the ground as you walk (to her flat with gusto and aplomb).

Chocolate browns, tans and aubergine brogues would be a good choice. Jeffery West O’Tooles fit the bill perfectly.

Leg wear, jeans or trousers?

Good question, I will always opt for the dark wash jean, straight cut through the thigh with a slight worn look to it. Seven for All Mankind would be the direction I would point you to. You can dress them up or down as the occasion fits and they carry their form right through to the early hours.  Trousers can come across as a tad formal and they do crease easily when tossed onto the floor.

Top wear.

I have always been the advocate of the simple white fitted shirt. It’s effortlessly chic and gives off that ‘class with quality’ vibe. For a slight twist the Nehru collar shirt teamed with a thin, loose scarf  would add that little flash of colour and give that extra playfulness to the look.

Although I find that a fitted sweater works equally as well in this instance. Go for a merino wool or merino/silk blend, it’s tremendously smooth to touch. John Smedley and Dunhill engineered fit would be good choices.


Don’t ruin your look by wearing something oversized and cheap.  If you must wear an overcoat (and you probably will, it’s England after all) keep it simple and sleek. A Barbour Enfield would suffice.

If you opt for the blazer, go single breasted, two buttons, no more.  And for god’s sake make sure it’s not from an orphaned suit, people can spot that a mile off.

So if I do all this am I likely to…?

If you have no chat, you have no chat. I can help you look the part the rest is up to you soldier. Remember someone said yes to someone asking someone out on a date, so you are half way there and you have to be some huge pillock to cock it up from the half way line eh?  With that said my final tip would be to accessorize with a pair of aviators; always carry a pair with you, as who knows, you may end up needing them for that early morning ride home.

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