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December 21, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 27 Sales & Vouchers

G-Star Raw Sale is now on!

Offer: The big G-Star Sale begins with 30% discount on G-Star apparel

About G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW is the modern denim brand. For more than twenty years, G-Star has been a denim pioneer: originating the concept of 3D denim and dedication to raw, untreated denim. G-Star’s philosophy has always been ‘Just the Product.’ focusing on denim craftsmanship and innovation.

Known for its innovative and cutting edge style in the world of denim. In 1996 G-Star was the first brand to introduce raw denim as a wearable product, both in tops and jeans.

G-Star believes that clothing should not be two-dimensional – it should be tailored to fit a three-dimensional figure. G-Star uses various unique techniques to create a 3D denim design, from innovative paper patterns to moulding techniques.

G-Star is known for 3D denim design. G-Star pioneered the introduction of the first sculpted, 3D denim with the G-Star Elwood in 1996. Every season G-Star continues the evolution of this key style. In 2009 G-Star introduced the even more intricately constructed Arc, that uses twisted seams and inseams to create an asymmetric tapered fit that ‘turns’ around the legs.

Every G-Star RAW garment is designed with a focus on craftsmanship, quality and constant innovation.


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