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August 28, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 40 Technology

High performance with professional analysis… thats the In Body R20

The InBody’s exclusive segmental measurement technology isolates the trunk measurement, which is the most important value. When this is used in conjunction with multi-frequency measurement technology, high precision can be achieved.

The 8-point touch type electrode method that Biospace has developed, for the first time guarantees high reproducibility by minimizing external resistance.

InBody R20
Product Code: BGE-10612
Price: £1,038.00

Easy to use and portable in size
Sensuous color and elegant design
High performance with professional analysis based on DSM (Direct Segmental Multi-frequency) BIA technology
Convenient data transfer to PC via USB storage device
Informational result sheet and efficient data management without limits, by software Lookin’Body Basic
Languages available : English, Spanish, Portuguese and 6 more languages through Lookin’Body Basic

Model: InBody R20
Electrode Method: Tetra Polar 8-point Tactile Electrode System
Frequency: 20, 100KHz
Measurement Method: Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method, DSM-BIA Method
Outputs: [LCD] Weight, Body Fat Mass, Percentage Body Fat, BMI, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, [Software ] Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, Waist Hip Ratio (WHR), Muscle Control, Fat Control, Segmental Lean Mass, Segmental Fat Mass
Measurement Mode: Body Composition Analyzing Mode,Weight Measuring Mode
Applied Rating Current: 250uA
Power Source: 1.5V Battery (AA Size X 4)
Display Type : 66 X 78 (mm) Customer LCD
Dimension: 321 X 360 X 58 (mm : W X L X H)
Machine Weight: 3kg
Weight Range: 10 ~ 150kg
Age Range: 6 ~ 99 years

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