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Add a bit of colour to your kitchen: Kashmiri Spice Tins

A gorgeous set of handpainted spice tins with a woven wire rack.

Rack is made from attractively woven wire and measures 58cm x 34cm x 11cm approximately. It can easily be hung on the wall and has 4 strong hooks on the bottom, suitable for mugs or utensils.

12 Kashmiri Spice Tins

12 Kashmiri Spice Tins

12 Kashmiri Spice Tins
Price: £130

These make a perfect focal point in a kitchen, add a splash of lovely colours; typically greens, pinks, blues, yellow, grey, navy, white and black. They are popular as a wedding present.

These are handmade and fairtrade products. There are always some repeats; as these come to us as a set, we cannot guarantee that there will not be a number of one colour.

Made from: Handwash only, as these are all handmade, they may contain imperfections, and patterns or colours may vary.
Dimensions: Tins measure 10cm high x 8cm wide. Rack measures 58cm long x 34 wide x 11cm deep approximately
Product Code: 129848

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