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Levi’s Vintage ‘Made in the USA’ Cone Mills Video

Celebrating their ‘Made in the USA’ range, iconic denim brand Levi’s take us to Greensboro, North Carolina, home to the famous White Oak Cone Mills Denim factory for a unique insight into the soul of their production.

With a history as rich as Levi’s itself, Cone Mills was founded in 1891 by brothers Moses and Ceasar Cone, the factory itself established in 1902. Producing for a host of labels worldwide, Levi’s have built some of their most revered arcuate adorned jeans, jackets and shirts across the Levi’s Vintage Collection and beyond from this incredible product, woven on vintage narrow shuttle looms.

Staff with over half a century’s knowhow operate these intricate, robust machines; demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the peculiarities of each mechanism necessary to control and perfect the development of this sought after denim.

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[youtube id=”rS_As0iOaaw” width=”610″ height=”360″]

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