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Lyle & Scott – The Fairisle Collection

Origins of Fairisle

This season Lyle & Scott have harked back to one of the oldest, most distinctive knitting techniques; fairisle. Originating in the Shetlands off the North coast of Scotland, Fairsile gained popularity across the isles in the early 1900’s when it was adopted as a trade for island residents. Fairisle is typically compromised of small cross and lozenge shaped hexagons, forming the basic OXO pattern. A range of other smaller patterns – such as anchors, ram’s horns, hearts, ferns and flowers are used to reflect the life and environment of the isle.

Fairisle Gains Popularity

The Fair Isle Sweater was widely popularised in the 1920s when King Edward VIII wore a Fair Isle Sweater to play golf in. No longer solely worn by the fisherman of the Shetland Isles, the distinctive style had hit the fashion headlines. Fair Isle techniques have evolved in more recent years and have been influenced by Norwegian and Scandinavian patterns like snowflakes, often making the fairsile knit a festive favourite.

The Fairisle Collection

The Lyle & Scott in studio designed fairisle features a “blink and you’ll miss it” detail. Inspired by a traditional method used in the original Lyle & Scott factories where small stitches were sewn into a garment to signify the size, thus speeding up the packing process. Applying founder Walter Scott’s famous phrase “Good Work Makes More Work” in Braille, Lyle & Scott give a thoughtful nod to their history of manufacture.

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