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Nike goes flame on with a Sunset Air Max EM pack

Nike have gone all Human Torch and put the flame on. Alas, for the UK-based Nike faithful who are still confused as to why there has never been a Nike Omega Flame reissue to celebrated that unique-looking shoe and spike, that much-needed reissue hasn’t happened yet. If you know your ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ and ‘High Hopes’ appearances from British TV of the 1980s, you’ll appreciate that the Flame was a grail that’s rarely spotted nowadays. What hits auction sites goes for big money and even the size? exclusive Metro Plus from the early 2000s that had a vague resemblance to the Omega Flame is sought-after. Those early to mid 1980s oddball moments of pyromaniac patterns and Hawaiian floral prints are an untapped resource —VNTG OGs without yellowing and a contemporary runner with the same eyecatching application on the upper? That would be a powerful pack. We’re just saying. The black and fiery fade on this pack of Engineered Mesh Nike Air Max is a closer fit to that (Metro Plus) makeup, but there’s still a nostalgia factor with that captivated us more than the usual stuff. Dynamic Flywire all up on an Air Max 95 upper is troubling to us. The current Engineered Mesh incarnation is okay though. We can’t help that think if there was an OG style Air Max 95 with flame-like use of the overlapping panels, it would have been a legendary late 1990s Euro-only masterpiece to sit alongside other fire faded classics of the time in Air Max Plus and Air Max 120 form. We won’t waste our time pondering what could have been, but we like these EM Nike Air 180 and Nike Air Max 95 sunset-looking makeovers that are part of a pack that includes other classic Air Max models similarly remixed (not pictured). Good barbecue footwear that drops very soon @ Crooked Tongues.
Article by gwar – Crooked Tongues Magazine.

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