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March 7, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 83 Brands, Fashion, Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown X Tattoo Artist Saira Hunjan

Continuing Orlebar Brown’s exploration of illustration, they introduce their exclusive series with sought after tattoo artist Saira Hunjan.

Famous for her unique style, and work for names such as Kate Moss and Jude Law, Hunjan’s OB collaboration takes inspiration from underwater creatures.

These unique tattoo illustrations have been embroidered on the best-selling OB Classic swim shorts for men and women: the Bulldog, Setter and Whippet.

Orlebar Brown’s first embroidered tattoo short.

[youtube id=”iWdGRn4dt2k” width=”610″ height=”360″]



Thinking about a tattoo? There’s only one woman to see.
Globally renowned tattoo artist Saira Hunjan. But maybe start with a pair of her classic Bulldogs.

Saira_Hunjan-_0226Saira Hunjan’s work experience while she was at school was not in a bank. It was in a tattoo parlour: ‘I got the Yellow Pages out and went through every tattoo parlour in South London until one agreed to allow me to come in for work experience.’

Saira’s own work as a tattoo artist is a mystical combination of gypsy and religious art from India and Mexico, but with a modern twist: ‘Mehndi designs are popular – I combine them with old-school sailor tattoos and I do lots of goddesses.’

“A Tattoo Should Look
Like It’s Always Been There.”

Which leads to her collaboration with OB, where undulating body art swirls its way onto fabric. ‘It felt so natural to take the subject back to the sea with goddesses that ruled it and underwater creatures.’

It’s not one tattoo fits all with Saira: ‘You have to work with someone’s shape, because everyone’s different. A tattoo should look like it’s always been there, like that part of your body was asking for it.’

For those of you currently in a David Dimbleby state of mind, wondering why you keep finding yourself scribbling on your skin with a pen, you may, in Saira’s opinion, be getting a sign. ‘I used to sit in school and draw all over people with multicoloured biros, but you should really just go with your gut. If you really listen to your body, it will tell you if a tattoo is right for you. In my case, I always felt like I needed an extra layer.’


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