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October 13, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 42 Fashion

Prepster Style: When Hipster Turns Respectable

tribune-prepster-topGant Rugger, Autumn-Winter 2013

At the crossroads between preppy and hipster, the prepster asserts itself and sets itself apart in men’s fashion this season. On this occasion, Menlook Tribune returns to this hybrid trend.

2013: the year of hybrids? You be the judge: while amateurs of trendy food rushed for cronuts, the famous cross between a croissant and a donut, the more avant-garde New Yorkers passed around the word of the ramen burger, the burger with a noodle bun…it was no surprise when the famous prepster appeared, a sensible mixture of the preppy and hipster styles which have had their own followers for many seasons now.

Preppy + Hipster = ?

A true evolution of genres, or a simple desire to revive a style, the prepster style takes the best aspects of the two fashions, preppy and hipster, without keeping – what a miracle! – the inconveniences: it’s like the preppy man suddenly broke free and went out with a creased shirt, or the inverse, the hipster told himself it was time to wash his clothes, and his hair while he was at it, and pass by the barber’s stand.

prepster-defilesGant by Michael Bastian/ Tommy Hilfiger/ AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi

When the beard is maintained, subtle prepster-isation by Tommy Hilfiger, or, on the contrary, the maximal mixture of the genres in Gant by Michael Bastian. Parisian by nature for Alexandre Mattiussi for his brand AMI, it is especially in the end at Gant Rugger that the prepster rages, where it mixes a skilled woolen suit, a squared shirt and brogues with a parka, a cap, or even a backpack, which could serve, apart from those of students, as the hipsters signature accessory…

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