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Selfridges presents a skatepark open to all in the centre of London

Selfridges,  introduces an exhilarating new in-store experience as part of BOARD GAMES, a spring scheme that celebrates the cult of skate and surf.

Selfridges has partnered with technology leader HTC to deliver what could be the retailer’s most ambitious project to date: an on-site happening that truly pushes the boundaries of immersive retail. For four weeks this spring, the Old Selfridges Hotel adjacent to the Oxford Street store, will be transformed into London’s largest indoor skatepark – The HTC One Skatepark.

HTC will be showcasing the amazing image-capture capabilities of its leading HTC One handsets at the skatepark, including its Zoe Highlight functionality using the world’s best-designed phone to combine video and stills of skate experiences to create socially shareable content.

The 18,500 square foot bespoke park brings together two unique concepts. The first space within the skatepark will present new interpretations of seven iconic London street spots – like the Big Ben Road Gap, parts of the Southbank’s Undercroft and the Shoreditch blocks. The second imagines a fantasy store interior where hero products from Selfridges – including a lipstick, sunglasses and giant Selfridges carrier bag – become skateable objects.

The skatepark will be created by a team of 11 specialists, who will take over 270 hours to make components in a workshop and a further 1320 hours to build on-site, using 53,000 screw fixings, 731 sheets of plywood and 3,935 metres of 4×2 timber. The final result London’s most central skate destination. The park will welcome the core skate community and new recruits alike, and encourage people of all ages to celebrate and enjoy the craft, culture and importance of skating to London, and the UK today.

HTC will be offering visitors the chance to win a new limited-edition designer skateboard especially created for the HTC One Skatepark by submitting a film of their experience using HTC One Zoe Highlights through Twitter. Visitors will need to post their highlight to @HTC_UK from 27 to be in with a chance of winning.

The pervasive influence of board sports on fashion is explored and interpreted as only Selfridges  can with Board Games – a celebration of skate and surf through a high-fashion lens. Board Games immerses every part of the store, bringing the visceral energy of the street and sea to Oxford Street.
The Board Room – a unique destination within the Ground Floor Wonder Room – presents over fifty  limited-edition and one-off boards. The unparalleled collection of decks switches between an x-ray  design of Yohji Yamamato’s own skull through to a one-off Rick Owens skate-board-cum-art-piece made from petrified wood. Dries Van Noten, Hood By Air, Jil Sander, Erdem, Kokon To Zai, and Dries van
Noten are just some of the names ensuring fashion heaven is a half pipe this season. Art-piece or street transport, these decks are all built to ride in California, with hardwear available to buy from the original London skate specialists SLAM CITY SKATES, who take residence for the duration of the project.

The HTC One Skatepark at Selfridges - 2

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