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Have Some Sensé – Colourful Touch-Free Bins

The clever bods at have done it again. Making simple things stylish without blowing the budget. This weeks new collection is a ‘Sense Bin’. Using Infra-red technology the Sensé Touch-free Bin possesses sensors for intelligent waste disposal.

Simply hover your hand within 10cm of the lid and the bin senses your approach. With a smooth self-closing hinge mechanism after 5 seconds of inactivity, access to and disposal of liners couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re recycling or disposing of waste, this practical and hygienic bin contains a removable bucket and has a luminous glossy yellow finish for easy cleaning. It is slim-lined and teams up well with its blue Sensé sister bin.

The perfect complement to a bright and unique kitchen décor. The 50L, hardwearing wastebin uses standard bin bags and is available in non-corrosive iron with anti-fingerprint treatment. The lid is made of black APS and the body is powder-coated in shiny yellow.

Prices range from £39 for the 30L Sensé Bin’s to £59 for the larger 56L Recycle Sensé Bin

50L, Blue £49

50L, Yellow £49

Stainless Steel Bin, Recycle £59

Stainless Steel Sensé Bin, 50L £49










Stainless Steel Sensé Bin, 30L £39

White Sensé Bin,  50L £49

Black Sensé Bin, 50L £49

Black Sensé Bin, 30L £39









Find out more about the Sensé Bin Collection


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