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November 2, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 46 Stone Island

Stone Island AW'013 Ice Jacket-J Video

LOCATION: Biomedical Chemistry Institute_Cold Laboratory_NYC

In the video the scientific procedure was juxtaposed with the thermo sensitive jacket to show how a chromatic change dynamically visualizes information.
Just as the jacket’s chromatic shift indicates a change in the environmental atmosphere, the chromatic range of the materials in a chemical procedure signals information about a cellular mechanism.

Colour can be responsive and indicate a change of state such as a chemical change; or, it can tell you something about your environment.

ICE JACKET – JStone Island extends its research on thermo sensitive materials to stretch fabrics.
A water- and wind-resistant polyurethane film is embedded with micro-encapsulated pigments.
The molecules of these pigments modify the passage of light and color morph in relation to temperature changes.
The film is bonded to a light polyester mesh base and is used to construct a garment insulated by a polyester fibre quilting.

[youtube id=”k9SmI5BJxIo” width=”610″ height=”360″]

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