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August 22, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 4 Technology

Stylish Picks: B&O Play H6 headphones

The B&O Play H6 headphones are a feat of innovative audio technology with a focus on a clear midrange. The balanced bass and treble performance ensures this noise-isolating model achieves an authentic sound performance. They are expertly constructed from soft, strong leather with memory foam earpads that adapt to your individual shape and sleek aluminium for a robust yet lightweight feel. Crafted to be secure on the head while distributing the pressure in the most comfortable way possible, this pair is an investment in

Price: £350

This item’s measurements are:
Width 8″ / 19.4cm
Height 8″ / 19.7cm
Depth 2″ / 4cm
Cable Length 49″ / 125cm

Black headphones
Leather trims and earpads, lightweight adonised aluminium construction, iPhone-compatible remote control with microphone
3.5mm stereo jack input
Comes with a dust bag and airplane adaptor
Available in other colours

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