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Ten C: Hyper Refined Italian Outerwear

Every now and then a brand comes along that is just special, a brand with the kind of approach and execution that allows it to carry out a silent revolution on the world of fashion, without ever being forced to over exert itself. Ten C is one of those brands.

This is thanks in part to the experience of the individuals behind the scenes, in Ten C’s case this experience comes from designers Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey’s time at Stone Island and C.P. Company, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about outerwear design.

Appropriating a variety of Military silhouettes and detailing, Pungetti and Harvey hyper-refined designs resonate with the history of performance design, whilst managing to completely set themselves apart from it.

This streak of independence manifests itself in their unwavering approach to branding, refusing to concede on any front, the only way to determine the origin of each Ten C design is to open each piece up and inspect the name and size, written by hand by the expert Italian craftsman that put it together.

Rightfully recognising that longevity is the true hallmark of quality, the distinctive shell of each Ten C jacket is constructed from a polyester/nylon blend jersey, designed to age slowly over time and patina naturally through use, creating a piece that is unmistakeably your own.

Online now, head to the Ten C section @ END to find out just what makes them so special.








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