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The biggest men’s facial hair trends for 2016

March 11, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 70 Grooming, Hair Styling

The Bluebeards Revenge launch new range of hair products to tame manliest of manes

Barbershop quality matt clay, matt paste & pomade now available to buy

It is said that the first thing a woman notices when she sees a man is his hair, and  no man who takes pride in his appearance can afford to have a bad hair day.

Thankfully, premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has unveiled three brand new hair-styling products designed to tame the manliest of manes, adding a pomade, matt clay and matt paste to its already impressive grooming repertoire.

Dubbed ‘the world’s manliest grooming brand’, The Bluebeards Revenge is best known for its iconic wet shaving products, starting life as a shaving line aimed at men with tough stubble. It has since expanded to encompass all aspects of grooming, more recently beginning to focus on hair.

Between them, the three new styling products have got every hair-related eventuality covered, with the pomade becoming a go-to for slicked back, high-shine styles and the matt paste suiting those preferring a rugged, textured look.

For low maintenance styles, the matt clay provides invisible hold, creating an effortless look that appears natural yet defined.

The products join a broad range of products already available from the iconic brand, including skincare and fragrance as well as a popular shampoo and conditioner.

The styling products come just in time for those wishing to start the Spring with a brand new, better-groomed version of themselves, and are available to buy from The Bluebeards Revenge online store, priced at £9.99.


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