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January 6, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 55 Health & Fitness

The Final Countdown – 24 hours till take-off and the bod has looked better?


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24 hours till take-off and the bod has looked better?
Orlebar Brown consulted with Bodyism’s super-trainer James Duigan and here’s what they learnt.
Please check with your doc first – heart attacks are not cute.
(Illustration by Tom Baxter)


Do 100 push-ups for your arms and chest and 100 squats for the bottom you’ll be showcasing in your Orlebars. Your thighs will love you for it too. Well, perhaps not straightaway, non-gym folk. But a John Wayne walk is kinda compelling.


Hold it for a minute. Repeat once every hour for ten hours. Works the core an absolute treat – the thousand-mile journey to a washboard starts with a single plank.


Eat as many high-fibre green vegetables like kale and spinach as you can get your hands on. Throw in some lean protein like fish if you want, too – both will help clean your system out. Be gone, unsightly stomach bloating.


A Body Brilliance shake in the morning will help boost your metabolism, which helps you burn fat all day. Equally, fish oil (check out is great for your skin and helps metabolise fat. You do get what you pay for, so buy quality.


Keep hydrated on the plane and moisturise. Your legs in particular can go reptilian otherwise. Not hot. And once on the plane, keep walking about to boost your circulation.


A quick trick – just before you hit the beach, have a cold-as-you-can-handle shower to tighten the skin. Now get that top off – your work is done.

For more useful tipps contact James Duigan at Bodyism.

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