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The Infinity Augmented Reality Concept Video

Augmented Reality Explained

Augmented Reality (AR) means a technology where you can see the real world as you would normally see it, but with additional digital information laid on top.

Augmented Reality is generally created as a mobile application that can be used on a Tablet, Smart Phone or Digital Eyewear.

As an example, imagine putting on a pair of Digital Glasses and walking down the road, the AR technology will recognize what you see, i.e. a Landmark, a Building, it will then provide additional information on that building and allow you to go directly to its website or read more information.

Imagine sitting on your exercise bike and the AR technology will show you a game to play whilst you are exercising; it may show collecting coins or tokens and will keep you informed of your time, distance etc. No longer will this exercise be boring, but its becomes fun and more efficient.

You can even use Face Recognition applications and find friends in a large crowd, never forget a name or details on your contacts as the AR software will provide you everything you need to know.

It’s much like the technology shown in movies such as The Terminator or Iron Man, although the technology is very much real and will be available very soon to the general public.

AR can be used in many different ways, including GPS & Navigation, Email, Phone and SMS Functionality, Voice Recognition, Shopping & Retail Experiences, Sporting Events & Movies and much more.

Envisage watching a movie on the go, or watching it from home in 3D where you can turn your head left and right to see more of the scene or round a corner in the movie.

Augmented Reality is the next revolution in technology and many corporations across the world are working hard to create different applications and uses for it. Once you try out AR, you will never know how you lived without it!

[youtube id=”8GcYWdg81BQ” width=”610″ height=”360″]

The Infinity Augmented Reality platform will incorporate a comprehensive array of augmented reality applications geared toward the mainstream consumer.

The initial launch of the Infinity Augmented Reality platform will provide applications such as Email Management, SMS Management, Telephone & Call Management so that the consumer will have access to all their standard Phone, Email and SMS tools, yet with enhanced settings and controls.

The ability to recognize colleagues and friends instantly with Infinity’s Face Recognition: Simply focus on anyone close by and the Infinity AR platform will scan, recognize and provide easy to manage information and communication on your contacts.

Hands free controls with Infinity’s Voice Recognition will give you the freedom to use the platform in any given situation, then find your way anywhere in the world without moving a finger with full Image Recognition, Location Recognition, GPS and Maps Services. Simply move your head when wearing AR Eyewear and the Infinity Augmented Reality platform will guide you where you want to go.
Keep in touch in new ways using Infinity’s AR Social Networking & Sharing Applications, and keep up to date with your Music and News Feeds on the go.

The Infinity Augmented Reality platform even will act as your translator if you need to hold Multilingual Phone or Video Conferences or simply if you are abroad and you want to be able to read signs and other text in your own language, using Infinity’s Live Visual Language Translation this becomes a problem of the past!

Visit the Infinity website >>>>


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