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June 19, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 56 Fashion

Topman Design Spring Summer ’14 Show

Check out Topman Design Spring Summer ’14 show from London Collections.

[youtube id=”uQNZO18a8a0″ width=”610″ height=”360″]

Here’s a few tips courtesy of Topman:

Managed to bag yourself a front row show ticket? Hitting some designer’s party to drink free champagne until McDonald’s starts serving breakfast? As much as this sounds utterly brilliant, there is a lot of hard work and planning that goes in to enjoying London Collections: Men – which shows to go to, what clothes to wear, is 247 Instagram selfies in one day too much etc. Luckily, fashion week veteran Michael Hennegan (Fashion & Lifestyle Editor of Sunday Times Style) is here to present his top 10 tips on how to survive LCM without becoming a social pariah. Take those oversized glittery sunglasses off your face, it’s time to listen and take note…

1. The best show tickets are hard to come by, if you’re lucky enough to get one – great. If you’re not, take a dignified stance. Don’t beg on the door, instead, head to the designers after-party and make it your mission to befriend their PR as your NBFF for next season. See rule 2.

2. Sponsor PR’s can generally be less stressed/friendlier than their fashion counterparts, so look at which booze company/venue the after-party is being held at as a way to get onto the guest list.

3. Know your market. Just because Jonathan Saunders / Christopher Shannon / Astrid Andersen are the collections of the season, it doesn’t mean you’ll suit them. In fact, if you’re over fashion school age, you probably won’t. As Carine Roitfeld says: ‘Don’t compete with the young ones, darling, be the best in your age group’. Amen, sister.

4. You are your own brand. Even if the paps aren’t taking pics of you, it doesn’t mean you can’t take your own. Instagram the hell out of that s*** – it’s proof of just how many shows you’ve made it into. Just see it as your own visual GPS tracking system. See rule 5.

5. If your natural dress sense errs on the crazy side of kooky (or you’re Japanese), fine. If not step away from the bejewelled headdress/ novelty bear outfit. You are not a Gaga tribute act, repeat; you are not a Gaga tribute act.

6. Never turn down the opportunity to eat, if you’re really taking your show schedule seriously – it’s going to be packed, your next opportunity might not be around for a while. See rule 7.

7. Between shows, presentations, installations and showroom stands, your schedule is going to be pretty tight. Work out what’s right for your reader/ blog / styling aesthetic and stick to them, you can’t do it all, so best to do what will be of use to you.

8. Choose your footwear carefully. It might sound girly, but it’s not man whinging, it’s practical. Take full advantage of this season’s trainer trend – works well with a suit, too. Topman have a cracking range of colours for £28 quid.

9. Keep your composure on the FROW. You can discreetly hero worship – to a degree, but if you go too far you’ll make both you and them very uncomfortable. The average length of a fashion show may only be seven minutes, but that can seem like a very long time if the person next to you is desperate to be somewhere else. This also applies to pitching for freelance work when sat next to an editor. Choose your moment.

10. Always be ready for anything. Seating plans maybe done weeks in advance but some of the best tickets can come about by keeping your ear to the ground and being ready to fly by the seat of your pants. For the aspiring fashionling, you’re never too tired to hot foot it to a party.

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