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TSOVET – Precision Californian Craftsmanship

Based in the geographical epicentre of  aerospace engineering, the people behind TSOVET look to the iconic engineering of yesteryear to create hard wearing, practical timepieces that work in harmony with an active lifestyle.

The nature of their location has had a defining impact on the TSOVET design approach, with california not only acting as a breeding ground for engineering excellence, but as the birthplace of surf culture.

This duality and the indirect connection between the two industries,  has led to a distinctive collection that borrows as much from iconic engineering design as it does from the tools of early boarding enthusiasts, taking on a timeless aesthetic whilst ensuring a dedication to quality.

A key driving force behind this aesthetic is their admiration for archive avionic instruments, precision designed pieces of equipment that were as vital for synchronising second hands with radio time signals and coordinating these readings with compasses and flight charts as they were for keeping track of the time.

Coupling rugged components such as aerospace-grade 316L stainless steel, coated dials and scratch-resistant crystals with clean and simple, utilitarian faces TSOVET create timepieces that make a lasting impression.

Online now, head to the TSOVET section @ End Clothing to take a look at these incredible pieces of design.

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