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May 2, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 25 Fashion

Vans California Spring 2013 – CA Chukka Boot

The California Collection’s subtle design elements and unique material choices connect a rich heritage of modernism with the spirit of Americana craftsmanship and artistry. Traces of vintage surf and skate inform a collection character that is perceptive to the aesthetics of subculture throughout.

Relying on the spoils of an extensive design archive, attention to detail and sophisticated materializations complement the creative panache that is the particular mark of this assortment. Each style is a rendition of a singular voice that reverberates with the desire for longevity and the lure of the unexplored.

The CA Chukka Boot’s this season feature vintage Hawaiian and an original floral print which brilliantly showcase Vans California collection and its ability to marry the old and new school.

Hula Camo Chukka Boot CA
The Hula Camo Chukka Boot CA features a vintage Hawaiian print on sturdy 10oz. duck canvas uppers, a veggie tanned overlay, antiqued eyelets, natural drilled linings, and sandblasted sidewalls.

Vans CHUKKA BOOT - High-top trainers - olive

The Floral Camo Chukka Boot CA
The Floral Camo Chukka Boot CA features an original floral canvas print with sturdy 10oz. duck canvas uppers, antiqued eyelets, hiking boot-style laces, and sandblasted sidewalls.

Vans HULA CAMO CHUKKA BOOT - High-top trainers - grey

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